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April 2018

Update on the Social French Law

Dear All, 

We have reached more than 2500 signatures regarding the petition below:

Click here

Do not hesitate to sign and share it! 

It is an undeniable success on which we rely in our negociations with the French public authorities.

Last tuesday, we met representatives of the French administration in Paris. We explained to them what yachting is and how yachts operate.

Following this, we expressed our wishes to come out of this current crisis. Our goal is that no sector should be impacted: 

- French resident sailors have to find work 
- The yards must fill their order book 
- Yachts must be encouraged to winter in French Ports. 

In this spirit, proposals and progress have been made which for the moment remains in draft form.

These hypotheses, if validated, would allow us to get out of this crisis in May or June 2018

We will come back to you as part of this dossier. 

Best regards 

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