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30 July 2021

Our strategic approach to the ship repair process

Running a ship in the most efficient and cost-effective manner requires careful consideration.

When it comes to the ship repair process, it’s vital to phase the work so that it can be carried out quickly, conveniently, in time and within an agreed budget.

No matter what flag state you operate under, Wilson Ship Management can provide support tailored to your needs.

Who manages our ship repair projects?

Technical Project Manager Austen Brunton MIMarEST is responsible for overseeing the management and maintenance of the WYM Group shipping fleet.

Having been a Chief Engineer and held senior managerial positions ashore for P&O Nedlloyd, AP Møller - Mærsk, the Sultanate of Oman Royal Yacht Squadron and P&O Ferries, Austen knows all the responsibilities involved with repairing vessels.

He also has a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, a Class 1 Motor Unlimited COC and vast seagoing experience on a diverse range of vessels from D.P Survey and ROPAX to large container vessels.

What is the ship repair process?

Whilst Austen has extensive technical knowledge and experience, his main responsibility is to advise and assist the vessel’s Senior Officers so any issues can be resolved quickly and safely.

If anything is wrong or there are issues which have yet to be discovered, our team’s meticulous approach will ensure they are identified and rectified so you can remain fully operational.

Although our work is tailored to meet your specific support needs, most repair projects follow a simple six-step process.

1. Create or review list of works

When managing any ship repair process, the first job is to identify any remedial work which needs doing to satisfy statutory and class certification.

Whilst each project and vessel require a different approach, we always check 3 key areas:

  • Hull – Is it seaworthy and in good condition?
  • Propulsion – Does it function smoothly?
  • Engine and plant – Are they running efficiently?

Corrosion prevention, boilers, DPF filters, scrubbers, ballast water treatment installation, communication and navigational equipment are other examples where we frequently carry out repairs or replacement.

Once all issues have been identified, we can then plan a detailed schedule of works to be completed and tendered for by a ship yard.

We can offer this service as part of an ongoing Ship Management agreement or as a standalone service for vessels in need of urgent repair.

2. Prepare cost and time estimation

Whenever our team oversee the ship repair process, we keep a tight watch over budget control so that we are accountable and can justify every single expenditure.

Dry dock maintenance is vital, but it’s also important to demonstrate that we try to ensure value for money.

Preparing a detailed cost and time estimation report allows the vessel’s owner to understand exactly what budget they will need to proceed.

3. Tender for ship yard contractor

Once we have listed the works required, the dry dock work is put out to tender with various ship yards and builders. It is our responsibility to review each submission for value and suitability, before choosing who to work with.

Having worked with most major shipyards previously, our experts are well placed to assess their capabilities for large and small projects.

In our experience, the relationship between us as a ship management company and the shipyard is an important part of the ship repair process. If they are flexible in their approach, projects will often run far more smoothly.

4. Schedule and execute work

At Wilson Ship Management, we understand that carrying our ship repairs and maintenance is a fine balancing act.

Where possible, we always aim to carry out improvements with the least operational disturbance as we know this can dramatically affect operating costs and profits.

Should it be necessary, we will try to schedule work in for the most appropriate time to avoid a vessel being out of action.

5. Manage subcontractors

During the ship repair process, it is our job to coordinate all the works and check that any subcontractors are doing what they agreed to do. We also monitor all deadlines so that work progresses on schedule.

For some projects, our team have to liaise and deal with a considerable number of contractors at the same time. If something needs doing or resolving, it’s our responsibility to make sure it’s completed on time and budget.

6. Review standards & sign off

Whether you own a container ship or a passenger ship, we can handle the entire ship repair process.

Our role is to liaise with all crew members from the Master and senior managers to the officers and crew. Anyone who needs to know what is going on will receive regular updates about the progress being made.

The contractors carrying out the maintenance are also kept up to date about any changes to requirements and the possible impact on deadlines.

Once the work is complete, we conduct a detailed review to ensure it is up to the required standard and, if necessary, can secure any certifications needed to achieve compliance.

If you'd like to find out more about our ship repair process, call 01482 648322 or email today.

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