8th January 2021

How we’re helping owners and captains be ‘ready to set sail’ in 2021

WYM Group would like to wish all our clients a happy and prosperous New Year – and of course hopefully a year in which people can once again fully enjoy the many benefits of sailing.

Whilst 2020 will not be remembered fondly given all the troubles faced, it was a year in which we feel our skills and experience in yacht and ship management came to the fore.

We helped numerous clients through tough times, and we are once again ready to help other owners, captains and crews be ready to meet all new regulations in 2021.

Having helped our clients navigate through the many new restrictions introduced with regards to Covid-19, including travel and quarantine, we also helped yachts and ships introduce their own protocols to minimise the risk of infection onboard.

Allan Wilson, Managing Director of WYM Group, said: “Last year was extremely challenging for the industry, given the number of huge luxury vessels left anchored in shipyards and marinas and unable to sail to the destinations they had planned.

“Throughout 2020 we have seen a continually changing landscape, both for the restrictions and requirements of different countries– changing almost on a daily basis. This is something our team remain on top of should anybody have any questions or concerns.

“We want to help mega yacht and ship owners set sail in 2021 by ensuring they’ve carried out essential audits, completed vital refits and maintenance or planned all the logistical elements of a sailing schedule.”

Helping the fleet continue sailing in the Covid-19 pandemic

Throughout 2020, everyone at WYM Group has gained valuable experience in advising and supporting owners, captains and crews during difficult times.

We now have significant experience of handling the difficulties which come with sailing into new areas under Covid-19 restrictions as several of the vessels we manage have continued to sail successfully throughout 2020.

Mr Wilson explained: “We’ve achieved this by remaining constantly up-to-date with the restrictions and regulations of individual countries and flag states and ensuring the vessels we manage have followed tight procedures and protocols. Our team has also been on hand to provide dedicated support at all times, ensuring all crew and regulatory requirements are met, and significant logistical challenges overcome.

“During the year, we have seen several of our mega yachts continuing with successful charters, a testament to the professionalism of captains and crew. In addition to that, we have worked closely with contractors and a large shipyard to keep a major ship refit on track.

“Should any owners or captains be concerned about the implications of setting sail again in 2021, perhaps having not been at sea during the pandemic, our team would be delighted to advise and assist.

“Hopefully, 2021 will see the return of vessels to many welcoming destinations who will be delighted to see ships, mega yachts, captains, crews and guests arrive in their locations once again.”

If you have any questions about yacht or ship management services, particularly in light of the Covid-19 restrictions in place, call our team today.

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