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Crew Management & Admin

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The cost of captain and crew forms the largest part running expenses on most yachts, so selecting and managing an excellent crew is essential.

We are an approved Marine Labour supplier, audited by Lloyds Register, and offer crew employment and payroll through our offshore company WYM Crew Services Ltd (Channel Islands).

Recruit and manage an excellent crew for Captain and Owner

Our team are experienced in working alongside recruitment agencies in accordance with Owners’ preferences, ensuring crew members are experienced, correctly qualified and suitable for the role (including medical examinations and background checks where required).

We can monitor and supervise Captains and their crew, and support Captains in handling matters including defining and assigning duties, supervising and discipline.

Ensure international regulations are met at all times

We provide flag state approved MLC Seafarers agreements (SEA) and ensure no crew members board yachts without the prior consent of the Owner. We keep crew records and monitor certificates, making sure all crew comply with regulations.

Manage crew leave, insurances and offer emergency support

We organise holiday leave for crew members, arranging the best possible flights to get them from and back to the yacht. Our team can be called upon to provide back-up for the Captain in emergency medical situations and can arrange health insurance and crew visa and immigration applications, as well as arranging accommodation, clothing, food and medical treatments if needed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What sizes of yachts do you manage for owners?

Wilson Yacht Management company is proud to manage a wide range of yachts, superyachts, passenger coded yachts, mega coded yachts and commercial vessels.

Our current fleet is comprised of several commercial superyachts of over 100 metres in length (330feet), 7000 GRT passenger ships and privately-registered yachts operating under the Large Yacht and Passenger Yacht Codes. We can also manage smaller vessels, from 30 metres in length (90 feet).

Do you help yachts and Captains sailing in potentially dangerous areas of the world?

Yes. All the yachts we manage are tracked and have alarms on board which are regularly tested in our control room. When cruising in remote locations or transiting high risk areas such as the Indian Ocean or the Red Sea, security is obviously a high priority. Many of the yachts we manage have made safe transits around the Horn of Africa and all have a small armed security team on board. We also register the passage with the Marine Security Centre Horn of Africa to ensure naval support should it be required.

Where are the majority of the yachts you manage?

The core cruising areas is still the Mediterranean in the summer and Caribbean in the winter, but an increasing number of yachts we manage are now venturing further afield. We have well-established contacts with most Flag States which hold the jurisdiction over oceangoing vessels and hold a Yacht and Passenger Ship Document of Compliance (DOC). We were the first yacht management company to obtain a passenger ship DOC with the Cayman Islands.

What happens should a yacht need emergency support?

Should a yacht have an emergency such as fire, flood, a collision or a medical situation we provide a 24/7 support service. Crews are given contact numbers for a Dedicated Person Ashore (DPA) who will consult with the Captain and decide whether to man the office with a crisis support team. We will also ensure the Flag State is informed, as well as crew members’ next of kin.

In which locations are you able to provide Yacht Management support?

Wilson Yacht Management can support vessels anywhere in the world and our team have been involved in a wide variety of yacht cruising schedules and itineraries worldwide, as well as the usual cruising grounds of the Mediterranean, Caribbean and USA.

Yachts we manage can regularly be found in the Far East, Australia, the North and South Pacific, Alaska, India, Middle East, the Indian Ocean, Alaska, North and South America and across Europe.

What makes you stand-out as a Management company?

Our complete independence and integrity. We are not beholden to anyone other than our clients and that is quite rare in the industry. It means we always act in the best interests of the Owner and focus entirely on providing them with an outstanding service. We ensure yachts and superyachts are maintained and operated to the highest standards whilst complying with necessary legal and regulatory requirements. As a business we look to develop long-standing partnerships and many of the yachts we manage have been with us 10 or more years.

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