Ship Crew Payroll

Make sure your crew gets paid accurately and on time with help from our ship crew payroll team.

Employed under the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) regulations, each crew member we appoint is issued with defined terms and conditions of service.

Our in-house ship payroll team enter their banking information onto our offshore payroll system and take care of any wage issues, reimbursements or additional payments when needed.

All you have to do is transfer the necessary funds so that monthly salaries and expenses will be paid.

At the end of their employment, crew members are issued with a Final Salary Statement detailing the final payments to be signed off by the Captain.

A detailed breakdown of wages is sent with the ship accounts, including a detailed wage schedule, copy of all payslips and wage payment notifications.

Handle SEA contracts

When joining a ship, crew members receive a Seafarers Employment Agreement (SEAs), an essential regulatory requirement, which is approved by the Marine and Coastguard Agency (MCA) and major Flag States.

Manage & pay wages

Every crew member is paid on the last working day of the month, from a designated USD/EUR offshore crew account in the Channel Islands. Payslips are issued to their personal email address.

Arrange annual leave

We track and manage annual leave entitlement, including rotational and standard crew leave. Schedules are created and reviewed by the Captain, highlighting any changes in wages, annual leave taken and any requested additions.

Professional & Global Expertise

Qualified & quality recruits

We work with leading crew recruitment agencies to help our clients secure correctly-qualified crew to carry out their required duties.

We can provide advice about their suitability for a role in relation to any qualifications and certificates they have or courses they may have attended. We can also recommend providers of reference and security checks if required.

Medical examinations for potential crew members can also be arranged on request.

Easy offshore employment

We can employ your Crew through WYM Crew Services, our independent offshore employment company based in Jersey. We’ll issue contracts and ensure they receive the correct wages through our payroll services.

We handle all Seafarers Employment Agreements (SEAs) on behalf of the vessel’s Owner, in accordance with relevant flag state and international and local regulations. Our SEAs are approved by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA), Cayman Island and other Flag States.

By ensuring that the vessel Owner is not acting as the Crew employer, it makes on-board life and administration much easier for everyone.

No Visa regulation worries

Vessels which employ crew within the EU must adhere to the appropriate tax and social security rules – unless they are employed through a non-EU company.

Vessels which employ non-US natives as crew whilst sailing in US waters will also need them to have a B1B2 visa to work onboard. The complex Visa regulations mean that if they are paid from a US bank, technically they will have the wrong visa.

Employ your crew through us and our offshore payroll solutions will ensure they are compliant with every special requirement needed when entering different parts of the world.

Always ready to set sail

No matter where your vessel is in the world, we’ll always ensure it is always fully operational.

Put your faith is us and we’ll take care of any travel and transportation needs your crew may have. Should they require assistance with Visa or immigration applications, we’ll be on hand to help.

Worldwide operations

We can support vessels anywhere in the world. Our team have been involved in a wide variety of locations – including the usual cruising grounds of the Mediterranean, Caribbean and USA.

Vessels we manage can also regularly be found in the Far East, Australia, the North and South Pacific, Canada, Alaska, India, the Indian Ocean, Alaska, North and South America and across Europe.

Compliance & regulation

We can provide all of the ISM, MLC and ISPC compliance a vessel needs, as a standalone service or as part of our full management package.

To ensure you’re compliant at all times, you’ll be provided with a Flag State approved Safety Management System (SMS).

For further reassurance, you’ll be assigned with a Dedicated Person Ashore (DPA) to act as a main port of call in an emergency.

We have an exceptional safety record and hold Documents of Compliance for major Flag States. If new safety or security legislation is issued, we’ll make sure your vessel always meets the ever-changing regulations.

Vessels of every size

Serving Captains and Owners, our current fleet currently contains 7,000 GRT passenger ships as well as a host of privately-registered superyachts.

We can also manage commercial vessels, passenger ships, survey ships, special purpose and cargo ships.

24/7 emergency support

As part of our ISM, MLC and ISPS service, we are always on hand to coordinate the response to any emergency situation.

As part of our management service, we will provide 24/7 crisis support that could prove the difference between life and death in a serious emergency.

To safeguard the welfare of anyone working on a vessel, we also play an instrumental role in delivering the safety management systems adopted on board.

Independent management experts

We are proud to provide Owners and Captains with an outstanding, independent service focussed entirely on their management requirements.

Because we are not brokers, we’ll never try to engineer the sale of a vessel and protect your asset is our main priority.

If you’d like to establish a long-term working relationship, built on trust and confidence, our management specialists will deliver five-star service backed by decades of experience.

Highly-competitive fees

Our team will ensure your vessel is run and maintained to the highest standards at all times, allowing you to pick and choose the services you need for a competitive monthly fee.

New to the industry? If you need to know about all the variables and what to expect, we’ll help you establish a suitable (and realistic) budget.

Relax & entrust your vessel into the safest hands

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