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Crew Payroll

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We employ all crew on Privately-registered or Commercially-registered yachts under the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) regulations.

Handling of Seafarers Employment Agreements (SEAs)

All crew are issued with a Seafarers Employment Agreements (SEAs) when joining the vessel, an essential regulatory requirement that we conduct on behalf of Owners.

Our SEAs are approved by the Marine and Coastguard Agency (MCA) and major flag states.

Paying wages and managing annual leave

We pay crew wages from a designated USD/EUR offshore crew account in the Channel Islands.

Our payroll team will:

  • Manage crew member’s banking information and enter it onto our banking system.
  • Communicate with the crew regarding any issues about wages, reimbursements and additional payments when needed.
  • Track and manage annual leave entitlement, including rotational and standard crew leave.
  • Work with Crew regarding payments at the end of employment, issuing Deed of Releases which detail the final payments to be signed by both Captain (or Yacht Manager) and crew.
  • Create schedules to be reviewed with the Yacht captain, going through changes in wages, annual leave taken by crew plus any additions that be required.
  • We pay crew on the last working day of the month, issuing payslips to the crew’s personal email address. Each payslip includes a detailed breakdown of their pay. We also detail the annual leave a crew member has taken and what is still owed each month.
  • We send a detailed breakdown of wages with the Yacht accounts, which includes a detailed wage schedule, a copy of all payslips and payment notifications for the wages.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What procedures are in place to ensure quality recruitment of crews?

We work with leading yacht crew recruitment agencies to help our clients secure correctly qualified and medically fit crews, able to carry out the duties they are selected for. Medical examinations can be arranged where required and advice provided on suitability in relation to the certificates they have and courses they have attended. We can also recommend providers of reference and security checks if required.

What are the benefits to using WYM Crew Services?

WYM Crew Services are an independent offshore employment company, based in Jersey, which can be used to employ and issue the contracts and operate payroll, separating the asset owning company from the crew employer.

Are all legal aspects taken care of when using WYM Crew Services for recruitment?

Yes. We handle all Seafarers Employment Agreements (SEAs) on behalf of the Owner, in accordance with relevant flag state and international and local regulations. Our SEAs are approved by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA), Cayman Island, and other and flag states.

Are there any special requirements needed with regards crew when entering different parts of the world?

Yes, for example yachts employing none USA crew in US waters will need a B1B2 visa to work onboard. Visa regulations mean if they are paid from a USA bank, technically they have the wrong visa. Using WYM Crew Services offshore payroll is the ideal solution.

What about yachts employing crew within the EU?

Yachts employing crew within the EU have a tax and social security liability, unless the crew employment company is none EU based. Again, using WYM Crew Services offshore crew payroll is the ideal solution.

What else does WYM Crew Services cover?

We can arrange and provide health insurances, organise travel and transportation, support crew with visas and immigration applications and medical treatments if required.

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