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Technical Management

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Our team at Wilson Ship Management have years of experience in assisting ship owners and operators to keep their vessel in an excellent condition – meeting standards required by insurers, laws and regulations.

Monitor and maintain condition and performance?

Always knowing how your ship is performing can help avoid unforeseen and expensive repair bills. We can advise and support with technical and condition surveys, maintenance procedures and other technical work on board to ensure your ship’s condition and performance is constantly monitored and maintained.

Arrange and oversee damage repair and maintenance work

Our team is qualified and experienced in attending to damages, handling insurance claims and planning repair and maintenance works. We are experienced in obtaining and appraising quotes from shipyards across the world. Our team can oversee works at the beginning, during and at completion to monitor the standard of works and costs, or oversee it day to day if so desired.

Provide Procurement Services

Our team will monitor all machinery, stocks and spares, ensuring damages and defects are immediately reported to manage a constantly updated inventory. This ensures timely delivery of required parts at realistic prices. Our established relationships with major suppliers ensures we can get the best prices for our clients, and the best level of service.

Ensure international regulations are met at all times

We arrange registration of the chosen flag and trading certificates, and also provide flag state approved MLC Seafarers agreements (SEA) for crew. We keep crew records and monitor certificates, making sure all crew comply with regulations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What sizes of ships do you manage?

WYM Group is proud to manage a wide range of ships – including commercial vessels, small passenger ships, survey ships, special purpose and cargo ships.

Our current fleet currently contains 7,000 GRT passenger ships as well as a host of privately-registered superyachts.

What are the key services you provide?

All services are of importance but of course, regulation and compliance with laws and regulations, and safety and security are key for all of our ship management clients.

Key to this is the recruitment of highly-trained crews, and throughout our many years of managing vessels at sea, we have an exceptional safety record.

Accounting, budgeting and cost control is another area in which we help many ships operate to maximum efficiency and commercial performance.

We hold Documents of Compliance for major flag states and will ensure your ship always meets the ever-changing regulations.

In which locations are you able to provide Ship Management support?

Wilson Ship Management can support vessels anywhere in the world and our team have been involved in a wide variety of ships schedules and itineraries worldwide, as well as the usual cruising grounds of the Mediterranean, Caribbean and USA.

Ships we manage can regularly be found in the Far East, Australia, the North and South Pacific, Canada, Alaska, India, the Indian Ocean, Alaska, North and South America and across Europe.

What happens should a ships need emergency support?

As the ships DPA WSM provide 24/7 crisis support as part of our ISM and ISPS service, coordinating the response to any emergency situation.

Do you offer support with the maintenance of ships?

Yes, this is a key service for many clients of Wilson Ship Management. We will find the best and most suitable shipyards to work on your ship. Our team are able to oversee regular condition inspections to ensure any required maintenance and repairs are planned in advance and carried out at convenient times, keeping disruption to business operations at a minimum, with works carried out at shipyards we have excellent relationships with and know offer excellent service and value.

What procedures are in place to ensure quality recruitment of crews?

We are highly experienced in this area and ensure that correctly qualified and medically fit crews are recruited to be able to carry out the duties they are selected for.

We can arrange for medical examinations where required and provide advice on the suitability of crew in relation to the certificates they have and courses they have attended.

We can also recommend providers of reference and security checks if required.

Our team can recruit for cargo and offshore vessel operators and ship owners.

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